1. Cloud Collide wrapped it up for me, as far as blackgaze goes at least
    Haven’t heard it, I’ll have to check that out. Read your rant a few days back about Deafheaven and I get where you’re coming from but it is a bloody good record. It’s similar to Liturgy’s Aesthethica a while back (another brilliant record) in that it has some sort of unplaceable crossover appeal that allows black metal to be enjoyed by the masses.
    My album of the year so far is clipping.’s midcity with Dirty Beaches’ Drifters/Love Is The Devil, inc.’s No World, Zomby’s With Love, Iceage’s You’re Nothing and Antwon’s In Dark Denimall not far behind.
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  3. eenfish said: I thought aesthetica was a bit too serious, and instead trying to sound good it tried to do other stuff, moving away from the sound i liked from Liturgy’s first album.
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